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Welcome to Archeage Roleplayers!

This is a community website for the upcoming MMO being developed by XL Games, called Archeage. This community has been developed by roleplayers and for roleplayers and will serve as a hub for like minded players to discuss the game, provide a foundation for the community, and to develop stories and role play together before the NA Launch.

There is much time ahead of us before Archeage makes it in our hands and on our hard-drives, so please take this time to get to know your fellow role players, make friends, and write some great stories together!

The website is fairly new, and for this reason, you will see lots of pages that may be missing or simply lacking in some content. This of course will change as the community expands as well as we learn more about the universe and lore that keeps the world of Archeage turning. We will also provide news on the game itself. This includes the development of the game (and the NA/European releases), some info on the Korean OBT, and anything that XL Games passes along to us!

Thank you for joining this community and please enjoy your stay!
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